Hot off the presses, thanks to
Peter Sardagna and Coco Garrett
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And, a good time was had by all....
Peter Sardagna IMG_1655
Clockwise, from left top: ? in shadows at door, Richard Amrhein?, Randy Shay?, ?, a husband with Hollywood pin, Mike Seidel, ?, Coco Garrett, Judy Ulrich's shoulder, Guy Denechaud, Ross Dolan, Sandra Myers, Rod Melendez
(Help with the names cheerfully requested by your Web Mistress.)
Peter Sardagna IMG_1641 Peter Sardagna IMG_1639
Ken Moss, Susan Schultz, and Sandra Myers looking at Coco Garrett's Scrapbook from Le Conte Junior High School - thank you, Coco!
Peter Sardagna IMG_1648 Coco Garrett group9
Neil Margolin and Sandra Myers Dennis Dunn and Janice England
Coco Garrett group16 Coco Garrett group5
Jane Geddes and Mike Hershorn ?, Jimmy Gambino, Boyd Willatt, and Bruce Sutherland
CocoGarrett lambdas
Eda Godel Hallinan, Karen Kirchoff Walker, Claudia Garrett Heller, Kaye Birch Johnson, Jane Geddes Faria, Marsha Greenfield Jordan, Janice England, Christi Patterson Schneider

Happy Anniversary, 1961's!!